FysioMedica OÜ

FysioMedica OÜ is a company whose objective is promoting health.

Tondi Tennisekeskus OÜ

Tondi Tennisekeskus OÜ/ the Tondi Tennis Centre manages the largest and the most modern tennis centre in Estonia – the Tere Tennis Centre, the fitness club Golden Club, and the US Tennis Academy giving tennis instruction to young players and children.

Sports Gene

Sports Gene, the purpose of the company is to offer various genetic tests and consultations regarding physical activity and improved quality of life.

MTÜ Elujooks/ NGO Liferun

MTÜ Elujooks/ NGO Liferun was founded in 2009, when its founding member Kristjan Puusild ran around Estonia, and decided to share his running experience with other running enthusiasts.