Reakt Füsioteraapia

Reakt Füsioteraapia

Reakt Füsioteraapia is a private clinic, established in 2017, specialising in sports physiotherapy and orthopaedic physiotherapy. Our membership includes both top-level athletes, as well as individuals who do not see sports as their first priority. We help to preserve the state of health of the body, prevent injuries, identify sources of detected problems, and together with our client we prepare a treatment plan that meets their goal.

Relation with the cluster

The objective of Reakt Füsioteraapia is to create a sustainable environment for sports in Estonia. We intend to achieve this objective by improving awareness, and by offering assistance of physical therapists through partners of the cluster. We wish to cooperate with other partners in the cluster, in order to bring the best possible solutions to the field of sports in Estonia.


Reakt Füsioteraapia OÜ
Narva maantee 7D, Building A, 2 nd floor
Tallinn, 10117
+372 6017890