FysioMedica OÜ

FysioMedica OÜ is a company whose objective is promoting health.

FysioMedica OÜ is a company whose objective is promoting health. Our main areas of activity are physiotherapy and rehabilitation of orthopaedic injuries. Our physiotherapists have created the largest sports injuries database in the Estonian language – spordivigastused.ee – which lists over 80 musculoskeletal injuries. The range of our services covers physiotherapeutic assessment and preparing the therapy plan, mobility therapy, manual physiotherapy, Kinesio taping and sports taping, compression cold therapy, preparing of personal training plans and nutritional advice.


We partner with the cluster in order to promote our field in cooperation with experts of their areas, and to create new services.

FysioMedica OÜ
Kotka 12, Tallinn
Tel. 588 44 868
e-mail: info@fysiomedica.ee