NGO Estonian Sports Medicine Federation

The NGO Estonian Sports Medicine Federation (ESMF), established in 1999, is a voluntary association of physicians practicing in the field of sports medicine, which operates in the public interest with a view to develop sports medicine as a part of medical science, related in-service training and scientific research. All physicians and residents, whose work is related to scientific, pedagogical, or practical aspects of sports medicine, can become acting members of the Federation.


The role of ESMF in the Health for Active Life Innovation Cluster is to improve the level of medical services, providing input into the prevention and treatment of sports injuries, rehabilitation, and expansion of the network. On the other hand, in cooperation with the cluster the Federation will make their contribution into the development of cooperation with other domains of medicine and R&D in the field, including raising awareness of primary level medical experts vis-à-vis sports medicine. ESMF is willing to contribute the time of their experts into the work of the cluster, in order to provide added value into the field, and to raise its overall level. The shared objective is to attract international experts to Estonia, to foster international recognition of Estonian experts in the field, which could result in an increase in the number of patients from other countries seeking our services.

NGO Estonian Sports Medicine Federation
Tartu, Puusepa 1a
Tel: +372 731 9229