Fysiloline Eesti OÜ

Fysioline Group is a company whose main business is selling and manufacturing of rehabilitation and sporting products, based in Finland, with subsidiaries in Sweden and Estonia. Today Fysioline is the largest company specialised in the field that has provided assistance to nearly all the best known spas, sports clubs, rehabilitation institutions, hospitals, as well as many private companies by offering them the best modern rehabilitation, wellness and fitness gear and services. Being the producer of the Ice Power products we offer efficient solutions to pain treatment and rehabilitation. Our customer portfolio includes privately owned sports clubs, public sports arenas, swimming pools, training centres, major companies, rehabilitation institutions, hotels, spas, hospitals, and other companies offering treatment and recreational services, as well as major store and pharmacy chains.


Our aim is to always provide high-quality integrated solutions in order to ensure the best possible level of quality of our cooperation partners’ services, as well as high customer satisfaction. Cooperating with other partners we participate in high-quality and innovative R&D projects in the field of rehabilitation, robotics, and fitness, and in raising the level of expertise in the field.

Healthier life with Fysioline!

Fysioline Eesti OÜ
Tallinn, Tartu mnt. 2
Mob. (+372) 56 478 665
Tel. (+372) 6 459 030
E-mail: anneli.sikkut@fysioline.ee