Budopunkt OÜ

Budopunkt, inspired by Japanese martial arts, is a sports, health and lifestyle products shop that was opened in Tallinn in 1997. Our relationship with sports and martial arts began in 1978, when the company’s founder Igor, under great secrecy, started karate training (back then, karate was banned throughout the Eastern Bloc). Ultimately, however, the determined Igor came to be a two-time Soviet Union karate champion, a top trainer, the founder of a sports club, and a judge.  Establishing a company selling martial arts equipment in 1997 was a logical continuation of Igor’s career. Ten years later we opened our first online shop, in 2014 we opened online shops in Latvia and Finland, and today, we operate in the entire Northern Europe region.

We believe that carefully selected sports and healthcare products contribute to everyone’s aspirations for a healthier, more diverse and courageous life.

Budopunkt is a cooperation parter of SportEST cluster.

Budopunkt OÜ
Laki 26, 12915 Tallinn
E-mail: info@budopunkt.ee
Tel: (+372) 6543 029